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Hydrating and refreshing eye drops Hyaluronic acid HA 0,2% produced with a new biotechnological method 1.High molecular weight HA ( 1 MDa): Greater stability, better resistance to heat, less risk of degradation 2.Long chain HA: longer-lasting effect 3.Result of Bacillus subtilis fermentation: safe and water based process - it is helpful before the application of contact lenses - it has notable and long-lasting lubricant power - it promotes increased tolerability of the contact lenses over time - in cases with corneal epithelial damage, it promotes its healing - in cases of dyslacrima, it improves the conditions of the lachrymal film Monodose box: Hyaluronic acid salt: 0.2% Pluridose box: Sodium Hyaluronate 0.2% , Benzalkonium chloride