Welcome to the Biofin Pharma Web Site

The principal aim of Biofin Pharma is to bring safe and effective pharmaceutical products and medical solutions to the Middle East.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life of the patients and to build a sustained track record of excellence in the healthcare sector across the countries we operate in.

Biofin Middle East’s suppliers, distributors, practitioners, pharmacists, clinics, opinion leaders are all working hard together to bring to our patients the best quality and service possible in order to meet their needs.

This web site contains basic information that will enable you to get to know Biofin better. For example, you can learn about our people, product range, distribution network, local partners, and suppliers.

Amongst our obligations to our network of distributors and suppliers, we make every effort to update them on the changes in the regulatory environment, country legislations, commercial issues, new product launches, new published studies, indications…

This website is our open platform for communication with you. We value your opinion. Please send us your comments and queries, just click on the link below. We look forward to serve you.


Elie Chartouni